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Irish whiskey has experienced a worldwide resurgence in popularity and interest over the past two decades with double-digit growth in sales per year. Once considered the pinnacle of whiskey, the industry that was once on its knees is now again a frontrunner in the spirits world. With an amazing history and tradition, and through continuous innovation Irish whiskey is back on the world stage where it deserves to be.

Our aim is to produce a world-leading publication with in-depth and approachable articles laid out in a beautifully designed and tactile quarterly magazine. Irish Whiskey Magazine has gone from being a mere idea to becoming a valuable print reference point for all things related to the Irish whiskey world. No longer is the story of Irish whiskey a one-off column in an overseas publication, it is Irish owned and based, bringing local stories globally. We strive to provide entertaining and informative content for all levels. Whether new to Irish whiskey or a true aficionado there is something for all. News, reviews, interviews, travel guides, historical and cultural insights, and the latest developments. We want everyone to discover a facet of Irish whiskey that intrigues them and leads them into the rich landscape of Irish whiskey. All in a fresh and creative manner.

A magazine is a collaborative effort and we have worked with the best and most passionate people in the industry to bring the grassroots stories to readers across the world. Of course, we are delighted to have the support of our industry peers without whom this would not be possible. Authenticity, independence, and transparency are core to our beliefs and being.

With the assistance and feedback from our wonderful readers and whiskey community, we are continuously updating and reinventing what a magazine can be. We are paring our publication with the latest digital technologies with many world-first features to come. Our publication is also available in digital format and our website offers up to the minute news and some wonderful and useful resources.

The journey has just begun. We welcome you to join us and share the wonderful phenomenon that is Irish whiskey.


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My name is Serghios Florides and I am honoured and privileged to be the Founder and Editor of Irish Whiskey Magazine. Having always been fascinated by our national spirit I believed that Irish whiskey warranted a dedicated publication which would celebrate its cultural and historic significance as well as the developments and innovations taking place right now. In 2016 the journey began with our first release in December 2016. We’ve only just begun.

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