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In Italy, it is nice to see the peoples were the only distilled spirit at home. A reaction when you mention Ireland. It is as if there is a magical connection between the two nations, a sort of thread that binds us, maybe because, in the past century, we have both lived religion in a very profound way. Or because we have been a population of migrants who have met and clashed all over the world, or simply because our flags are so similar. Many Italians dream of a vacation on the Emerald Island to see the beautiful landscapes and spend an evening in the heart of a pub drinking beer...and sometimes even whiskey. In Italy today everyone knows that Ireland has been and still is a great producer of whiskey, but when asked which Irish whiskey brand they know the answer is limited only to Jameson, Bushmills and for peated lovers sometimes Connemara. On the other hand, when asked about Scottish whisky the list of names is quite conspicuous, even if pronounced in a very amusing way considering
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