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Words by Joseph v Micallef The revival of the Irish whiskey industry has been driven in large part by the tremendous expansion of its sales to the US market. In 2002, sales to wholesalers of Irish whiskey in the US were just $74 million, approximately 434,000 9-liter cases of whiskey. According to the Distillers Council of the US (DISCUS), roughly 11,000 cases represented lower-priced product, 413,000 cases were classified as High-End Premium and 9,000 cases were classified as Super Premium. High- End Premium represented just $6 million in sales to wholesalers. Jump ahead 16 years to 2018, and the transformation of Irish whiskey sales in the United States is staggering. In 2018, total sales of Irish whiskey to wholesalers reached $1.011 billion. This is the first time in its history that the Irish whiskey industry has achieved sales of over one billion in any export market anywhere in the world. The growth rate in Irish whiskey sales to America over that 16-year period is 1268
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