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Uniquely Irish The topic of Pot Still, in particular the cereal grains used to create this beloved expression of Irish Whiskey, is providing some passionate debate of late. At whiskey events around the country when history or provenance of Pot Still is referenced a question about the grains used in the mash bill and the maximum “other” non-barley grains specified in the Geographic Indication’s “Technical File” usually follows. All the more so since the Irish Whiskey GI made industry news in April 2019 with headlines celebrating its approval together with the associated Technical File. The Technical File ‘As registered with the EU Commission Service in March 2019’ was made available from the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine’s website, an update to the previous file dated ‘October 2014’ which we will take a look at later. The EU states a Geographic Indication (GI) protects the name of a spirit drink originating in a country, region o
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