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Wayward Irish Distillery

Wayward Irish Distillery is situated in Co. Kerry.

Their Story

Wayward Irish Distillery is working towards becoming Ireland’s most beautifully situated Premium Single Estate Grain to Glass Distillery with a Visitor Centre. The journey has already begun with the first of their Lakeview Estate range of whiskeys, made from our 2018 crop of Barley grown in the Estate’s Hilly Field.

The barley was batch malted triple distilled for them by their distilling partner into Pot Still spirit that is returned to the Estate for maturation. They applied a process called the ‘Gentle Cut’ when proofing their whiskey, reducing from cask strength to 46% bottling strength, adding spring water slowly over a period of around 5 weeks.



Style of Whiskey Produced

Single Malt
Pot Still

On Site Maturation


Brands Produced

The Liberator Series

Visitor Centre

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Location & Contact


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