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The Duke of York

The Duke of York is situated in Co. Antrim.

Their Story

Nestled along a narrow, cobbled alleyway in the historic Half Bap area, The Duke offers a traditional Belfast welcome of craic, music and humour in contrast to the modern, fashionable establishments currently blowing into the surrounding streets. It was a pub for 200 years but got blown up in 1972 – terrorists were going to bomb the High Court but came to a security checkpoint and bolted up the alleyway to get away. The bomb went off prematurely and flattened the pub. It wasn’t targeted but it had to be rebuilt. Today it’s known for the history of Belfast distilling which is visible on bric-a-brac inside, the murals, the Belfast phrases covering the place. For 30 years Willie saved up precious Belfast ephemera from pubs across the nine counties of Ulster, and continues to do so. Everything on display is original and true Belfast, it’s got provenance. Added to that are the new murals from guest artists which cover most of the walls outside.

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