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Seven Sips - Sip 1 The first of instalment of our Seven Sips series tracing the changing flavours of Irish whiskey down the centuries Mixologist Chris Hennessy, whiskey writer Fionnán O’Connor, and witch-hunting bishop Richard Ledred discuss the tastes of Irish whiskey’s first known sip. the sweet depth of the overflowing sips shouldn’t be too hard. That seems to be the pitch these days for our national drop. Not hard to swallow, thanks to its sellers not hard to spot, and according to their sales, not hard to sell, because in 2017 Irish whiskey is all over the place. Once confined to a handful of brands, Ireland’s distilling industry is now home to over twenty new ventures, and every other Sunday seems to herald the launch of yet another still. In 2014, this island exported almost seven million cases to over one hundred countries, a figure expected to surpass twelve million cases in the next four years and twenty-four million in the next fourteen. It’s a
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