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A Tale of Two Cities   Craft  Distilling in Dublin & New York   We know the process well. The milled grain is mashed and then fermented over a period of days. The resulting wash is then distilled to a rarefied state, only to be barrelled up in order to imbibe the qualities of the oak. Within each of these common steps, there is to forge an identity. Indeed in the modern age, where large parts of the process are mechanised, each idiosyncrasy unique to a particular area takes on an existential significance. How does what we are sipping here in Dublin in 2017 compare to the spirits mixed in the cocktail bars of Brooklyn? I’m lucky enough to say I lived in Dublin when whiskey distilling returned to the Liberties after four decades. Visitors to the Teeling Distillery, founded by brothers Jack and Stephen, are instructed in the rich heritage the spirit has in the city. For me, having grown up in Cork, the Jameson brand’s Irish whiskey is going through a new r
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