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As clear as crystal Enfant terrible or one of the new innovative standard bearers of the Irish whiskey industry?   Mark Reynier’s characteristic bluntness and ability to ruffle feathers both in Scotland and now here in Ireland have set him apart from his contemporaries for years but just what is it that drives this man to eschew the accepted norm in an industry which has remained unchanged for decades now on both sides of the Irish Sea? Sometimes in life, to fully understand where somebody is going, one needs first to explore where they have come from and what influences have shaped them during the course of their lifetime, and this is certainly true of Waterford distillery’s new owner. Mark Reynier’s grandfather immigrated to London from the South of France in 1902 and took in barrels of wine from the region so that he would have something from home to drink in a foreign land and this took off as a business based in Pimlico. His enterprise was located
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