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Cask Influence Miren Somers explores the role cask influence plays on whiskeys flavour We’ve covered the ingredients and spirit styles, so now it’ s time to talk about my favourite part in the whiskey production process: maturation! If I could have any job in whiskey production, this is where I would want to work. The manner in which the spirit and wood interact and the resulting flavours in the liquid absolutely fascinate me. So you can expect a series of columns focusing on cask driven whiskeys, the influence of the wood, and the flavours that each style of wood imparts to the liquid. In this issue, we’re going to look at the basics of maturation, and two-barrel types; ex-bourbon and sherry. To give you a brief overview of the process, when the spirit comes out of the stills it is completely clear; deceptively, it looks like water. As per the regulations, the liquid must mature in a wooden barrel for a minimum of three years on Irish soil; only after three year
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