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Cork's patent still's THE UNTOLD STORY (PART1) You may not recognise the term “Patent Still”. This technology is far more recognisable when referred to as a Column still, Coffey still or Continuous still. Utilizing industrial revolution era technology, when inventors had to “patent” their designs, continuous stills produce Grain whiskey, one of the many types of whiskey manufactured today. Even though it has been produced in Ireland since at least the 1820s, Patent or Grain whiskey is quite modern in comparison to traditional copper pot derived Pot Still or Malt whiskey, which was produced for hundreds of years in advance of the newer technology. Yet in Ireland it took until 1975 before the old “Patent still”, or “Patent whiskey”, terminology finally gave way to the new. The Irish distilling industry had seen monumental changes over the previous decade. First, there was the 1966 amalgamation of Cork Distilleries Company, John Jameson & Son and John Po
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