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Irish Whiskey - Myths and Misconceptions   Legal Definition of Irish Whiskey & its Misconceptions   Irish whiskey is going through a new renaissance as consumers all over the world re-discover what the category has to offer. Thankfully the category has enough international recognition to be considered one of the main whiskey producing regions in the world, and as such many people can recite little about the category. But with so many people with so many points of view and opinions, it’s sometimes hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. Many visitors arriving to these shores, their grasp of Irish whiskey being minimal and their misconceptions being scary. Let me enlighten you, please!   The difference between Irish & Scotch is that the Irish spell it with an ‘e’. The origins regarding the ‘e’ in the word whiskey have been controversial for a long time. We do know that Irish whiskey wasn’t always spelt with an ‘e’. Many w
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