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Pearl Diver -  part two of three The Insights of an Enthusiastic Whiskey Collector Welcome to this, the second article in this series about the fascinating world of whiskey collecting. In the first article, we debated the contentious topic of buying whiskey for the sole purpose of making a profit. We listed the first 3 of 10 suggested golden rules for collectors. These were documented your collecting journey and whiskey collection diligently, commit early to the important work of research and finally think about what you are collecting from the perspective of the marketplace rather than your personal preferences. In this article, we will be listing 4 more Golden rules and explore some of the possible strategies to think about when embarking on the wonderful voyage of whiskey collecting.   But first, what about the mistakes one might make on the journey. Here are a few that we made along the way!   We rushed in too quickly with a scattergun approach to c
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