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Of the land With so much in the news of late highlighting provenance, terroir, grain prices and the introduction of new crops into the Irish whiskey fold, we spoke with Bobby Miller, head of the Irish Grain Growers group. It was fascinating to get his views, to hear his pride and passion for the Irish tillage sector. He certainly didn’t hold back! IWM: Bobby, who are the Irish Grain Growers group? Bobby: Like a lot of things, we started out of necessity. In 2014, the price was €147 a tonne for malting barley. It just wasn’t acceptable. We feared we were being underrepresented, so about 80 or 90 farmers got together to start highlighting the situation. Farmers in the midlands and southeast: Laois, Kildare, Carlow, Wexford, the odd Wicklow or Waterford member thrown in - basically the malt growing region in the southeast. Bar a couple of small outfits, Boortmalt (Minch Malt) and The Malting Company of Ireland are the two main malting players in this country. Our
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