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Palace Pride   As part of our series on great whiskey bars, we visit the Palace Bar in Dublin and talk to owner Willie Aherne about his pub and his love of Irish whiskey It’s a bright Thursday lunchtime as I make my way down Dublin’s Fleet Street and through the beautiful frontage of The Palace Bar, adorned with colourful overhanging flower baskets, the shimmer in the handmade Victorian stained glass windows. I am meeting the owner, Willie Aherne. I’m early and he is deep in conversation with some business colleagues. I make my way down the old bar towards the rear.  The dimly lit bar is pierced by wonderful natural light through the front and there is a wonderful sense of history as you walk towards the back area of the bar, where not so long ago the great thinkers, philosophers, writers and poets of days gone by would convene. Their photos adorn the walls illuminated by the skylights from above. This is not old-style, this is genuinely old and reassuring,
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