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Single Grain Whiskey   Having previously reviewed pot still and malt whiskeys, it seems appropriate to concentrate on grain whiskeys for this article. In Ireland, grain whiskey is usually used as an enhancing component of blends, rather than as a single product in its own right. Grain whiskey is typically considered to be less interesting than its pot still or malt cousins, however, I would argue that it has just as much potential. It takes considerably more understanding and cares, especially during production, to create a special Single Grain whiskey. Grain whiskeys are usually made from grains other than malted barley although in Ireland they must, by regulation, contain an element of malted barley. Typically Grain whiskey is made from maize (corn), wheat or rye. The most common of these in Ireland is maize which is usually imported from France. Several distilleries are planning to use rye which is starting to be grown locally. Grain whiskeys are made in column st
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