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Slane Distillery   As the completion of the much anticipated Slane Distillery draws nearer, we were kindly given the opportunity to tour the grounds and granted an interview with Co-Founder Alex Conyngham. Slane Distillery is set to open at the end of August.   IWM: Alex, could you tell us about the wonderful castle here and its beautiful landscape. Could you talk a little bit about the memories from your childhood growing up here and what it was like? Alex: Growing up at Slane I guess it was a slightly extraordinary childhood but for me, it seemed very normal. The challenge of trying to keep a place like this going, a big heritage property, particularly in the late 1970s and early 80s wasn’t easy. My Dad (Lord Henry Mount Charles) took over in 1976 and immediately had to start thinking on his feet about how he could keep the place going. They opened a restaurant and that has just recently re-opened which is the space that we’re sitting in now and t
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