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Redbreast Lustau Edition

Redbreast Lustau is a single pot still Irish whiskey that has been finished in hand selected, first-fill sherry butts,  with the aim of celebrating the iconic
sherry influence found throughout the redbreast range. Redbreast Lustau has been bottled at 46% ABV, without chill-filtration with an initial maturation of 9-12 years.

John Moriarty Notes


On the nose for me mulled cider, sweet spice, dried sugared ginger and candied orange peel mix, with a sweet caramel to the fore. In all a complex nose with the sweet notes out in front. One to spend lots of time with before the first sip. The colour is a rich gold.


Sweet, full and creamy mouth feel. Delicious tingle of pot still at the start, yielding to nice gentle spice and white pepper note. Certainly lots of fruit but I can’t put an order to them, I am inclined to say stewed summer fruit, but then there is the dryness of dried apricots as well.


The finish becomes dry revealing a little hint of Oak in the most pleasing order; it is like a ship sailing out of vision appearing to diminish in stature as it goes. In other words, a very dignified exit.



I must say for certain that I have got to love this on the second time of tasting.





Stuart Irvine Notes


Interesting mix of older sherry cask and fresh red fruits. The slightly older notes have a nice, deep, dried fruit complexity
with Christmas cake and winter spices.
The fresher notes, however, keep the heavier feel in check with touches of strawberry jam, and stewed  strawberries with cream. I know the stewed element may not seem so fresh but when up against the likes of deep raisin you see where I’m coming from. The pot still distillate is evident and seems like it’s gently wrapped in a red berry coating. The spice comes through showing that the spirit has not lost its way and the younger notes give the overall mouth-feel a nice edge to it. A little touch of oaky vanilla lies beneath the strawberries and cream element and I must say it’s all very inviting.


Again a fantastic mix with the fresher elements appearing first. Dark berry coulis and jam is followed by the rich fruit cake of the longer sherry  maturation. Spicy black pepper, that’s almost dry red chilli in nature, reminds you of the style of whiskey you’re enjoying and it brings the whole glass together. Delicious.


As the alcohol dies down you are left with juicy red fruits and a lasting kick of dry oak spice. This all leaves you with the suggestion to pour another glass.


Overall this is another fantastic addition to the Redbreast range. It may not be as smooth as the 12 year old, but it’s smooth enough. It may not be as heavy hitting as the “Mano a Lámh”, but it hits all the right notes whilst keeping them restrained through careful finishing in a fresh sherry cask.


Irish-Whiskey-Magazine-John Moriarty

John Moriarty

Bar Manager with 5* Park Hotel Kenmare, Co. Kerry for 34 years. Brings people to their ‘senses’ regularly conducts Whiskey Master Classes professionally within the hotel, the Dublin Bar Academy and throughout Ireland. Involved with the Whiskey school at Dingle Whiskey Distillery. Teaches but is a ‘Whiskey student for ever’ learning constantly from John C. McDougall, Rachel McNeill & Prof Paul Hughes. Has achieved a General Cert
in distillation with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

Irish-Whiskey-Magazine-Stuart Irvine

Stuart Irvine

Stuart Irvine is a whiskey blogger based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Since first getting into whiskey around 5 years ago Stuart has amassed an incredible knowledge of all whiskeys and he has since started up his own highly  respected blog “Whisky Belfast”, is active on twitter as @Whisky_Belfast and contributes regularly on Facebook. Stuart regularly attends whiskey events both in his native Belfast, and further afield.

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