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Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Irishman 12 Year old

Irishman 12 Year old

A 12 year old triple distilled Single Malt matured exclusively in ex-Bourbon  casks. Limited to an annual release of just 6,000 bottles. Bottled at 43% ABV and with a RRP of €65.

John Moriarty Notes


Initially very earthy, umami almost, a gorgeous candied fruit salad blast soon follows, then subsides in favour of the earthy, rawer nose again. Interesting stuff.


Sweet, no earthiness at all, was all about peaches, pears and pineapple juices for me. Really enjoyable whiskey although marginally less complex on the palate than I expected following the nose, although vanilla notes do develop the more time you spend with it to add additional depth. The odd pang of crushed, fresh black pepper.


Lingering fruity notes, medium finish.



An enjoyable whiskey, one that I think you have to spend time with to get the best out of it, the nose was fascinating with waves of flavour drifting in and out, the palate I thought could have had a bit more oomph, but that is not to say it was not a well-balanced and well-crafted whiskey, you won’t be  disappointed.





Stuart Irvine Notes


Buttered brown toast, ripe banana and mashed banana. Savoury cut grass keeps the sweetness in check. Green apple and a little dusty oak comes through with vanilla cream which brings a feel of banoffee pie and cream. Not  much spice in here but maybe just a touch of black pepper.


Light, smooth arrival that gives way to more intense flavours of fruit and now a little more spice. Toffee apple, lemon drops, stewed orange and a lovely dryness from the oak. Little savoury notes pop up here and there and again these keep the sweet notes restrained perfectly. The sweet and savoury  combine to give a very balanced experience, delicious. Then, just when you think there’s nothing left, a light dustiness runs through the palate to give a sense of age and luxury.  Impressive.


Smooth, sweet and extremely moreish.


Overall this is a fantastic dram of Irish whiskey. Recently a lot of whiskeys have fallen short of what has been expected and have been left floundering in the “style over substance” category. What we have here is substance over style. Walsh Whiskey have taken a clean, classic, well made spirit and elevated it to great heights.


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John Moriarty

Bar Manager with 5* Park Hotel Kenmare, Co. Kerry for 34 years. Brings people to their ‘senses’ regularly conducts Whiskey Master Classes professionally within the hotel, the Dublin Bar Academy and throughout Ireland. Involved with the Whiskey school at Dingle Whiskey Distillery. Teaches but is a ‘Whiskey student for ever’ learning constantly from John C. McDougall, Rachel McNeill & Prof Paul Hughes. Has achieved a General Cert in distillation with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

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Stuart Irvine

Stuart Irvine is a whiskey blogger based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Since first getting into whiskey around 5 years ago Stuart has amassed an incredible knowledge of all whiskeys and he has since started up his own highly  respected blog “Whisky Belfast”, is active on twitter as @Whisky_Belfast and contributes regularly on Facebook. Stuart regularly attends whiskey events both in his native Belfast, and further afield.

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