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Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Tyrconnell 16 year old

Tyrconnell 16 year old

With new design packaging this is a Cooley distillery double distilled Single Malt fully matured in ex-Bourbon casks bottled at 46% ABV with a RRP of €95.

John Moriarty Notes


Very fresh, perfumed fruits including peaches and soft fleshy green apples, a malty note there too, perhaps a wisp of smoke, but nothing that jumps out to
indicate this will be a smoky whiskey. Quite sweet on the nose too, a nicely balanced aroma forms in the glass, developing slightly when left in the air for a few minutes.


The perfume notes enhance, floral scents are forming, still sweet, those peaches are growing juicier, as are the other orchard fruits, not as smooth as I’d expected on the palate, but a lovely vanilla oak surrounds the fruity floral perfumed notes to really round it off nicely.


A medium to long finish that will leave you looking forward to the next sip;  fruits gradually dissipate after a couple of minutes.



A fantastic whisky, potentially too perfumed in scent and taste for me, but really well balanced and really nicely put together, well worth trying.





Stuart Irvine Notes


Rich with dense fruit and an immediate
sense of some age. Starts off with pears and green apples before moving into hints of forest fruits. As it develops you can also pick up a nice mix of honey and lemon. Hints of biscuit and cereal run  nicely alongside the fruit flavours. Any spice is well restrained and oak vanilla lurks just in the background. The  addition of a little water brings out a slight floral style from within this whiskey.


Intensely sharp and bitter arrival that attacks the front of the tongue. This leads into rich citrus malt and mild pepper. In truth this is a little too intense and might benefit from a little water. With water the fruit flavours come along nicely with more apple and a slight savoury cereal note runs throughout. However, I have to say that I find this whiskey a little flat for my liking. Hints of older oak bring a slight
dryness to the mouth and this comes along with little touches of vanilla from the nose.


Medium length that tails off into a dry, peppery ending.


Overall this, in my opinion, is one of these whiskeys that delivers so much promise on the nose only to let you down when it comes to actually tasting it. I think this whiskey may have had slightly too long in the cask and the flavours from within the spirit have been dominated by the cask influence. This could’ve been great but sadly has fallen just short.


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John Moriarty

Bar Manager with 5* Park Hotel Kenmare, Co. Kerry for 34 years. Brings people to their ‘senses’ regularly conducts Whiskey Master Classes professionally within the hotel, the Dublin Bar Academy and throughout Ireland. Involved with the Whiskey school at Dingle Whiskey Distillery. Teaches but is a ‘Whiskey student for ever’ learning constantly from John C. McDougall, Rachel McNeill & Prof Paul Hughes. Has achieved a General Cert in distillation with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

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Stuart Irvine

Stuart Irvine is a whiskey blogger based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Since first getting into whiskey around 5 years ago Stuart has amassed an incredible knowledge of all whiskeys and he has since started up his own highly  respected blog “Whisky Belfast”, is active on twitter as @Whisky_Belfast and contributes regularly on Facebook. Stuart regularly attends whiskey events both in his native Belfast, and further afield.

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