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Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Slane Triple Casked

Slane Triple Casked

A blended Irish whiskey aged in three varieties of casks: Virgin American oak
and seasoned bourbon casks from the Brown-Forman cooperages, and Oloroso sherry casks from of Jerez in Spain. Bottled at 40% ABV and a fantastic RRP of €33.

Greg Dillon Notes


Nice freshly charred oak notes, good vanilla accents, stewed dark fruits, lovely and smooth. The different cask
influences are superb. Lots of depth, butterscotch and brilliance.


Spicy, potent oaky notes, nice warming medium finish.


Medium to long length on it, the juices from the palate combine with the white pepper to ease you through to the end of the whiskey. Nice.



Superb, great quality for a relatively inexpensive whiskey, lots to think about and spend time with here, really enjoyable and one that I’ll definitely be picking up a bottle of. 



Stuart Irvine Notes


Lots of oak, a good lashing of vanilla, with plum and banana tickling the senses.


An absolute joy of whiskey to swish around the mouth. Crème caramel infused with raisins soaked in the finest Jerez sherry. Plums, dates and toffee finely balance this out.


Medium and spicy, the malt lingers around for a while.


An absolute stunner of a whiskey. There is great balance in this. A maturation of virgin oak, Bourbon and Tennessee casks and Oloroso sherry cask give great complexity, every cask is singing in this whiskey at some point. At under €40 per bottle it undoubtedly the best Irish whiskey released this year in this price point.


Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Greg Dillon

Greg Dillon

Greg is a brand consultant in the whiskey industry helping to create, build and fix brands. He also authors the award-winning greatdrams.com website, he also has a book on whiskey coming out in the Autumn.

You can find him on:
• Twitter – @GreatDrams
• Facebook – GreatDrams
• Instagram – @GreatDramsGreg

Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Michael Foggarty

Micheal Foggarty

Michael is co-owner of L Mulligan Whiskey Shop and L Mulligan Grocer. He has over 20 years involvement in the whiskey industry. He founded the Irish Whiskey Society in 2009 and in 2014 became the first person in Ireland to be awarded World Whisky Ambassador of the Year at the World Whisky Awards.

You can find him on:
• Twitter @whiskeyireland

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