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Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - West Cork Distillery Bog Oak

West Cork Distillery Bog Oak

This new release from the new Glengarriff Series is a Single Malt which is
matured in Sherry casks before being finished for about 6 months in casks
charred using bog oak fuel source obtained from the Glengarriff Forest. Limited to 4,800 bottles and with an ABV OF 43%. RRP €39.

Greg Dillon Notes


Incredibly herbaceous, Tutti Fruity sweets (remember them? If not,Google it), interesting oak char note too
along with subtle spices.


Spicy, creamy, sweet and interesting – there is a hell of a lot going on in this whiskey and wow is it interesting. Slight wine-like juicy notes, a grape note on the back palate all add to how much depth there is in this whisky. The exotic spices are fantastic.


Long finish, loads of spice notes fill your mouth and slightly sting your tongue – in a very good way, definitely
need to get myself a bottle of this!


Arguably the most interesting whiskey from this issue’s set; there was so much going on, and the spice notes really hit home, reminding me of the brilliance that can be achieved from using interesting oaks in the maturation process. Bravo.


Michael Foggarty Notes


Sweet and malty. There are lots of wood tones.

Fresh, Crisp apples and a handful of vanilla.

Dry, not that long, oak lingers around for awhile.

A very Interesting and innovative whiskey, something
different and certainly with a few more years in the cask will develop and yield lots more.








Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Greg Dillon

Greg Dillon

Greg is a brand consultant in the whiskey industry helping to create, build and fix brands. He also authors the award-winning greatdrams.com website, he also has a book on whiskey coming out in the Autumn.

You can find him on:
• Twitter – @GreatDrams
• Facebook – GreatDrams
• Instagram – @GreatDramsGreg

Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Michael Foggarty

Micheal Foggarty

Michael is co-owner of L Mulligan Whiskey Shop and L Mulligan Grocer. He has over 20 years involvement in the whiskey industry. He founded the Irish Whiskey Society in 2009 and in 2014 became the first person in Ireland to be awarded World Whisky Ambassador of the Year at the World Whisky Awards.

You can find him on:
• Twitter @whiskeyireland

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