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Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Dunvilles Three Crowns Peated

Dunvilles Three Crowns Peated

The third release of the Dunville and Co. whiskey range from Echlinville. Believed to be only Ireland’s second peated whiskey. Bottled at 43.5% ABN. RRP €57.

Greg Dillon Notes


Light peat notes, lots of vanilla and appley notes coming through but mostly soft, sweet peat with a solid wedge of honey in there too. Very nice nose, although it is a bit one dimensional.


Delightfully sweet, peaty palate, quite waxy and smooth. Peaches replace the apple notes not he nose, and there is a bit more bite to it on the second sip.



Short, sharp, spicy. Cigar ash notes that makes you think it has gone in a flash, but then it comes back and slaps you in the face not what I expected from the smokey, peaty nose and palate.



A decent whiskey this, one that tastes with a lot of character and depth but one that I am not too sure I would go back to in a hurry as it was very confusing on the finish and a bit flat on the nose.


Michael Foggarty Notes


Fresh and tangy a hint of sea salt a generous dollop of dirt smoke. Islay is shouting out.



Crunchy green apple and some soft fruits. The smokiness is less evident but you know it’s there, nothing like the whisky that previously graced this cask though.



A nice bit of stone fruits and the sherry influence comes through here.


I think I need more time with this whiskey and several more samples! This is a thinking whiskey. There is a lot going on. If I tried this again tomorrow I would have some different notes. I’m trying not to think about the
casks that came from Islay to mature this whiskey but they get into your head! A top whiskey and it is certainly something different for the Irish market. 

Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Greg Dillon

Greg Dillon

Greg is a brand consultant in the whiskey industry helping to create, build and fix brands. He also authors the award-winning greatdrams.com website, he also has a book on whiskey coming out in the Autumn.

You can find him on:
• Twitter – @GreatDrams
• Facebook – GreatDrams
• Instagram – @GreatDramsGreg

Irish Whiskey Magazine - Tastings - Michael Foggarty

Micheal Foggarty

Michael is co-owner of L Mulligan Whiskey Shop and L Mulligan Grocer. He has over 20 years involvement in the whiskey industry. He founded the Irish Whiskey Society in 2009 and in 2014 became the first person in Ireland to be awarded World Whisky Ambassador of the Year at the World Whisky Awards.

You can find him on:
• Twitter @whiskeyireland

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