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Galway distillery welcomes Ireland’s first zero energy emissions ‘New Born’ spirit


As the country prepares to turn green for St. Patrick’s Day, Ahascragh Distillery in Galway has announced a significant milestone for sustainability in the Irish drinks industry with the introduction of Ireland’s first zero energy emissions spirit. ‘New Born’, the first new-make spirit from Ahascragh Distillery can be classified as zero energy emissions as fossil fuels or gas are not used to drive the production process in the purpose-made distillery. This is a first for the industry.

Nestled in the village of Ahascragh in the heart of County Galway, Ahascragh Distillery is Ireland’s first eco-distillery as it is powered exclusively by renewable energy. Housed in a newly renovated mill, Ahascragh Distillery has changed the way whiskey is made in Ireland through the innovative use of wind and solar energy combined with very high temperature heat pump technology coupled with optimal heat recovery and energy storage systems.

A commitment to sustainability

This milestone is underpinned by years of hard work to get to this point by Ahascragh Distillery founders, Gareth & Michelle McAllister.

Gareth McAllister, Founder and Managing Director of Ahascragh Distillery said,

“We are thrilled to have reached the point where we have a zero energy emissions spirit flow coming from the copper stills in our distillery. It has been a long journey to get the process right but this milestone represents our ongoing commitment to sustainability and reinforces our belief that responsible business practices are not just good for the planet but essential for the future of our industry. Ahascragh Distillery looks forward to continuing its sustainability journey, contributing to a more resilient future for the Irish food and drink sector.”

While waiting on the first spirit to flow from the distillery, the McAllister’s brought their award-winning sourced Family Bond series of hand-selected releases to market; which includes Clan Colla Irish Whiskey, UAIS Irish Whiskey and Xin Gin. Upon reaching maturation, the zero energy emissions ‘New Born’ spirit will first flow into UAIS.The Family Bond Irish whiskey range has been recognised as category winner at the prestigious 2023 World Whiskies Awards; as well as receiving gold medals at the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Awards and the Irish Whiskey Masters, amongst others. The team have garnered acclaim not only for the outstanding taste of their spirits, but also for their commitment to sustainability and responsible production, having recently been awarded membership to Origin Green, Ireland’s national food and drink sustainability programme, an SEAI Award for innovative deployment of renewable energy and The Spirits Business Award for Distillery Sustainability.

Raise A Glass

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, Ahascragh Distillery invites whiskey enthusiasts and sustainability advocates alike to raise a glass to this ground-breaking achievement. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of a classic cocktail, once the ‘New Born’ spirit has undergone it’s three year maturation process, it promises to provide an unforgettable blend of Ireland’s heritage and future.

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