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Athrú Whiskey today launches its Premium Cask Reserve Program as part of its journey to create a world-class single malt Irish whiskey

The Cask Reserve Program offers a unique opportunity to participate in the Athrú whiskey brand and to become part of the unique journey of this premium single malt distillery, and the resurgence of Irish Whiskey, over the coming years.

Casks of whiskey are often used to celebrate significant shared milestone events such as weddings, birthdays or retirement. They also make for ideal corporate gifts as the bottles can be labelled with a distinct mark or logo. Or, for the more discerning whiskey enthusiast, perhaps an opportunity to create one’s own whiskey brand or single cask bottling?

Initially, three different cask types are available; 200 Litre Bourbon Casks, 240 Litre Oloroso Casks or 500 Litre Sherry Butts. The Athrú distillery team will be at your full disposal to answer questions and provide support throughout the process, for example, in helping further refine your whiskey by re-casking in later years.

A proportion of the proceeds from the sale of each cask will be reinvested back into the House and Estate helping restore Hazelwood to its former grandeur.

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Lough Gill Distillery founder David Raethorne commented on the launch:

“We are delighted to invite people to join our distillery’s journey in making Ireland’s most beautiful single malt whiskey, while also enabling us to restore the much loved Hazelwood House and Estate on the shores of Lough Gill. Our vision for the Lough Gill Distillery and the Hazelwood House and Estate is to create a world-class visitor centre and a landmark tourist destination for the West of Ireland. A proportion of proceeds from the Cask Reserve Program will be reinvested into this vision for Hazelwood Estate. By investing in an Athrú Cask, you are therefore making an investment in the future success of Sligo as a leading visitor destination.”

Included with cask ownership are annual visits to the Distillery with up to three guests for VIP “all areas” access. Cask owners will also be given private access to the distillery’s bonded warehouses to taste samples and experience first-hand the ‘angels share’.

For those wishing to register interest in the Athrú Cask Reserve Program registration is now available at www.athru.com/casks


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