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Blackwater Distillery release ‘The Full Irish’


One of the most interesting whiskeys unveiled at Whiskey Live 2024. This release from Blackwater Distillery showcases the 3 styles of Irish whiskey – grain, single malt and pot still.

So far the West Waterford based distillery has released a single malt, a pot still (highly non-compliant) and a rye – this is their first blend. Blackwater wants to bring some love back to the category which is sadly neglected in Ireland. So neglected you will even struggle to find the category ‘Blended’ on a bottle. The term not obligatory as the multi-nationals are slightly ashamed to look it in the eye. We’re not. This blend rocks.

What’s in the bottle? 45% Blackwater produced single malt, 45% Blackwater produced pot still (both five years old) and 10% seven-year-old grain whiskies, finished in stout casks from local Hopfully Brewing Company. This blend contains every permissible grain (barley, malt, wheat, oat, rye and maize), every type of Irish whisky (malt, pot still, grain) and then there’s the stout. What could be more Irish? Nothing. Except perhaps some black pudding but that’s not allowed.

As with all Blackwater products, it’s not chill filtered or coloured.

Bottled at a bracing 48.5% ABV and selling at a recommended retail price of €55.

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