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The Single Malt Shop join Irish Whiskey Magazine live podcast Words on Whiskey to support Focus Ireland charity this Christmas


As a means to raise some much needed funds for Focus Ireland during the Christmas, The Single Malt Shop will be donating a bottle of the Midleton Very Rare 24 Year Old for a charity draw. It’s taking place LIVE on the “Words on Whiskey” show going out from The Irish Whiskey Magazine Facebook page. Anyone who donates €20 or more will be automatically entered into a draw to win the €990 bottle. Hosted by Serghios Florides of Irish Whiskey Magazine. Special guests will be Ed Forrest, Managing Director of The Single Malt Shop and Gerard Garland, Prestige Whiskey Ambassador of Irish Distillers.

Donations can be made here: https://bit.ly/3xrfmmz


Livestream on Facebook here: https://bit.ly/31fGVDx



Focus Ireland believes that everyone has a right to a place they can call home. It was was founded by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy as a result of the finding of research into the needs of homeless women in Dublin.

Sr. Stan was involved in a research project into the lives of homeless women in Dublin, when she realised the importance of involving people, who are, or have been directly affected by homelessness, in the development of homelessness services.

In 1985, two years after the initial research, Focus Point (now Focus Ireland) opened its doors in Eustace Street, Dublin. The organisation provided streetwork services to young people, advice, advocacy, information and help with finding a home as well as a warm welcoming place to meet and have a low-cost meal.

Since its foundation Focus Ireland has continued to grow and its research and advocacy work ensures that the rights of people who are homeless remain on the political agenda. In addition to its Dublin projects, it now has services and housing projects across Ireland including in Waterford, Kilkenny, Cork, Sligo and Limerick.


Focus Ireland (focusireland.ie) is a nonprofit organisation based in Dublin, Ireland that provides services for people who are homeless and people at risk of homelessness in Ireland. It was founded by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy in 1985, and is one of the largest housing and homelessness organisations in Ireland.

How donations helped in 2020.

12,300 Customers engaged with their services
880 Families supported out of homelessness
260 Young people supported by their youth service
470 Households supported to keep their homes


The Single Malt Shop release an exclusive Midleton Very Rare, 24 Year Old Single Cask

Available only from the Single Malt Shop online, comes this exceptionally limited release of Midleton Very Rare Single Cask 24-year-old. Belying a cask strength of 57.3%, it gives smooth notes of vanilla and crème brulée on the nose, leading to a taste of ripe melon and orange peel, along with sweet demerara sugar. The wonderful lingering finish of oak and sweet fruits is truly something to savour. The perfect Christmas gift for lovers of Midleton whiskey with only 96 bottles released.

The Midleton distillery is a world leading distillery in Ireland. From creating the oldest and most valuable Irish Whiskey with their Silent Distillery bottlings, to the incomparable Midleton Very Rare range, which has become the most collectible of Irish whiskeys. It has an unbroken chain of releases every year since 1984. The distillery’s masters have become guiding lights of Irish whiskey for generations. 

Within the atmospheric warehouses surrounding the distillery, countless oak barrels sleep soundly as their contents gently improve with age. It was from this incomparable selection of casks that Midleton Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman and The Single Malt Shop selected just one as their very first Midleton Very Rare Single Cask. The American virgin oak barrel they chose, yielded just 96 bottles of a stunning 24-year-old single pot still Midleton Very Rare, that can only be purchased from The Single Malt Shop.


Official Tasting Notes

Aromatic wood oils, perfumed smoked oak with ripe peaches and dried banana chips. Pot still spice intensity with dark roasted coffee beans and crème brulée, characteristics of vanilla and caramelised sugars, while nostalgic notes of warm leather and antique furniture build in intensity, showcasing the many years spent in oak.

Full bodied texture with the wood tannins and pot still distillate, combining effortlessly, while fruit notes of ripe melon and orange peel work in tandem with hints of sweet demerara sugar, salted caramel and white chocolate. Undertones of toasted walnuts and cinnamon linger quietly in the background, slowly building in intensity over time.

The spices build to a crescendo before softly fading leaving the old oak and sweet fruits to have the final say

With just 96 bottles created from this barrel, it is one of the most limited releases of Midleton whiskey ever and can only be purchased from The Single Malt Shop.

  • Cask number- #28824
  • Cask type – Virgin American Oak
  • Age – 24 years old
  • ABV- 57.3%
  • Bottles available – 96 individually numbered bottles.
  • Price – €990
The Single Malt Shop is owned and operated by The Single Malt Fund, the world’s first publicly listed Alternative Investment Fund for whisky. Listed on the Nordic Growth Market in Sweden, The Single Malt Fund is fully regulated, offering investors a safe way to invest in the Water of Life. We invest in rare and limited edition whiskies from all over the world and make these available for sale via The Single Malt Shop.
The idea for The Single Malt Fund came about on a trip with friends to Islay, on a cold and wet January weekend. Over a dram or two, our founders thought it would be a good idea for whisky enthusiasts around the world to be able to invest in their favourite precious liquid. At the same time, they wanted to allow investors and the general public alike to purchase any stocks that we source, on an on-going basis. So, The Single Malt Fund and The Single Malt Shop were born.
As whisky fans ourselves, we are delighted to be a new player in the industry and look forward to playing a small role in promoting the liquid that we all love.



Barry Crockett Master Distiller Emeritus likens making fine whiskey to conducting an orchestra. It is a symphonic masterpiece of light and shade, skill and passion. A passion born from the rich distilling history of Midleton, dating back to the 19th century.

In the early 1900’s Irish whiskey was a bountiful industry, but this once flourishing trade sailed into a perfect storm of trials and tribulations. From the Irish War of Independence to a crippling era of prohibition in the US, Irish whiskey was brought crashing down to its knees.

This could have marked the end of the story for our nation’s finest export, but perseverance and craftsmanship won out, fostering a new aeon in Irish whiskey production. This was led by the most outstanding of all Irish whiskeys – Midleton Very Rare.

In 1984 Barry Crockett saw an opportunity to bring together the very best of the magic of Midleton Distillery to create a whiskey like no other. The finest raw materials, the most advanced techniques, a dedicated team of craftspeople – an orchestra in perfect harmony.

Rarely has a whiskey existed with the weight of three master distillers behind it – birthing, bonding and building it over time. This masterful trilogy of Barry Crockett, Brian Nation and most recently Kevin O’Gorman, has ensured a consistency and level of quality across the Midleton Very Rare vintages that is quite simply unsurpassed. Discover the subtle nuances that each of these men has brought to the Midleton range since its beginning in 1984. Midleton Very Rare is the pinnacle of Irish whiskey.


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