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Launching its 2022 St Patrick’s Day activities, The Irishman Whiskey is supporting a podcast produced by author and historian, Turtle Bunbury, for the 80 million people of Irish heritage around the world.  Turtle Bunbury’s Global Irish is a new series celebrating the extraordinary lives of Irish people who found fame in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, coinciding with the first golden era of Irish whiskey. The Global Irish episodes will be released on a weekly basis starting today (14th March) with the story of Hercules Mulligan (1740 – 1825), the Irish tailor and Patriot spy who saved none other than George Washington’s life…not once, but twice!


In addition to Hercules Mulligan, other episodes of Turtle Bunbury’s Global Irish, in order of release, are:

  • 21st March – Ernest Shackleton (1874 –1922): The Kildare-born sailor, one of the most remarkable explorers of all time, whose heroic exploits in Antarctica have inspired people for over a hundred years. The discovery of the wreck of Shackleton’s ship Endurance, announced on 9 March 2022, makes this especially timely.
  • 28th March – Nellie Cashman (1845 – 1925): The Cork woman who befriended Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, and became known as the ‘Angel of the Cassiar’ after a daring rescue operation in British Columbia.
  • 4th April – The Incredible Mr (Arthur) Kavanagh (1831-1889): The limbless nobleman from County Carlow who became one of the most astonishing travellers in history.
  • 11th April – Lola Montez (1821 – 1861): The incredible tale of the tempestuous Sligo-born dancer who seduced Franz Liszt and brought King Ludwig of Bavaria crashing down before embarking upon a new life running a saloon for gold miners in California.
  • 18th April – Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 – 1930) The remarkable story of the Sherlock Holmes creator’s Irish roots.


Global Irish will be available weekly across all podcast platforms, including Spotify, A-Cast, Audible and Apple, as well as being posted weekly to the following online locations:

The Irishman’s Instagram and Facebook accounts

The Irishman Irish Whiskey (@theirishmanwhiskey) • Instagram photos and videos

The Irishman Whiskey | Facebook

Turtle Bunbury’s website: www.turtlebunbury.com

Walsh Whiskey’s website: www.walshwhiskey.com


Facebook LIVE Event to review Irish Lives & The Irishman Whiskeys

Turtle Bunbury and Bernard Walsh, creator of The Irishman whiskeys, will host a Facebook Live Event to discuss historic characters from the Irish diaspora while sampling some whiskeys from The Irishman portfolio, which is dedicated to the exploration of Single Malt whiskey. This will take place on Facebook deep in the Irish country-side in front of a roaring fire in the library at Lisnavagh House, home to Turtle’s family since the 17th century.

Ireland’s population (currently 6.5 million) has always been dwarfed by the 80 million strong global Irish diaspora whose family left to explore, but mainly escape hardship such as the Great Famine of the 1840s. Researched and narrated by Bunbury, each episode delves into the past and recounts the story of someone who left Ireland to make their mark around the world, analysing their motivations, achievements and long-term impacts. In his conversational style, Bunbury guides listeners through a consistently colourful cast of entrepreneurs and revolutionaries, poets, pioneers and philosophers, boxers, explorers, dancers and spies.

Commenting on the origins of the series, Turtle Bunbury said:

“I’ve always been very passionate about the subject of the Irish abroad, and the impact they have made on history. I was a travel writer for many years, and I always looked for Irish connections wherever I went. I was never disappointed. I adore telling these tales through the medium of podcasts, and I am thrilled to work with The Irishman, a delightful portfolio of whiskeys produced in my own home county of Carlow.”


Bernard Walsh, the creator of The Irishman portfolio, and Managing Director of Walsh Whiskey, observed:

“Turtle has curated a wonderful cast, whose lives coincided with the original golden era of Irish whiskey from the 18th to early 20th centuries, for us to explore. They all lived extraordinary lives by the standards of any century, begging the question – were their exploits shaped by Irish spirit or the spirit of the Irish? We hope listeners of the podcasts will join us both in spirit and with spirit!”


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