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Sustainability has come to the forefront of many industries and the Irish whiskey industry is focused on leading the way to becoming the most sustainable in the world. The Irish Whiskey Association today released their Sustainability Roadmap 2022 which details how the Irish whiskey industry can become a fully sustainable industry.


John Quinn, Chairman of the Irish Whiskey Association said:

Ireland is a small island, with a large whiskey industry. As the world’s oldest whiskey tradition, and the EU’s second-largest spirit export, the Irish whiskey industry takes seriously our responsibilities to be sustainable, both locally and globally. As worldwide sales of Irish whiskey continue to increase, our industry is determined to work together to decrease our environmental impact.


Roadmap at a glance

The Irish whiskey industry will work together to make Ireland the home of the world’s most sustainable distilleries and whiskey brands, making a net-positive contribution to the environment, climate, people and place; and forming an important part of a regenerative and circular economy in Ireland and globally.


1. Reducing our environmental and carbon impact

Our industry will take a target-focused approach to reducing the direct environmental impact and carbon emissions of Irish whiskey production, actively supporting the goal of Ireland reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 and sooner where possible.


2. Strengthening our place in the regenerative and circular economy

The Irish whiskey industry will actively promote and implement sustainable sourcing, reuse and recycling, to minimise the life-cycle environmental impact of our inputs, products and co-product, and to maximise support for sustainable Irish farming.

3. Delivering a positive impact for people and place

The Irish whiskey industry will positively impact the economic and social sustainability of the communities we work in, while empowering and supporting our workforce and consumers.


Irish Whiskey Magazine - IWA Roadmap 2022


You can read the full 2002 Roadmap here



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