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As part of their major international brand campaign, ‘Widen the Circle’, Jameson Irish Whiskey is delighted to announce the latest addition to the campaign, once again featuring Irish comedian Aisling Bea. Based on the idea that life is enriched by the magic of authentic human connections, the new spot showcases how every single smooth drop of Jameson is an invitation to ‘Widen the Circle’.


Created by TBWA Dublin and co-directed by Lance Accord and Pat Murphy, highly acclaimed directors and cinematographers, ‘The Drop’ is the epic story of a drop of Irish rainwater that makes its way through the distillery and which, through care and craft, becomes Jameson Irish Whiskey, travelling to every corner of the globe to ultimately ‘Widen the Circle’. As well as showcasing the meticulous process that goes into crafting Jameson Irish Whiskey, the advert also spotlights the makers behind the brand, including Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman and Blender Deirdre O’Carroll.

Irish actor, writer and comedian Aisling Bea, who featured in the last Jameson spot “That Spark”, once again brings her Irish wit, humour and openness to global audiences while portraying the light-hearted personality that is synonymous with both Aisling and Jameson.

As part of the shoot, Aisling spent a day in Midleton Distillery, where Jameson is produced, learning all about the brand and meeting the faces behind it. The short-form social content, dubbed the ‘Jameson Whiskey Intern’, offers a hilarious insight into her day which involved learning about the whiskey production process and culminated in the creation of her bespoke ‘Bumble Bea’ cocktail with Jameson Craft Ambassador, Kieran Keane.



Speaking on her involvement, Aisling comments:

“In this gorgeous new advert for Jameson, we see a little ‘drop’ of Irish rain travel through the distillery and meet all the master craftspeople who make Jameson from start to finish. The ‘finish’ being a lovely glass of Jameson enjoyed all over the world. I actually feel a little like that drop of rain because I also got to travel around the distillery and meet everyone who works so hard at their craft to make this uniquely Irish product. While my craft is more barrel of laughs than barrel of whiskey, I felt very much part of the Jameson family and proud to be so… even though I have yet to be offered a full time job at the distillery itself!”


Brendan Buckley, Global Marketing Director at Irish Distillers, says:

“With this new addition to the campaign, we wanted to highlight the interconnectedness of our environment, our ingredients, our craftspeople and ultimately those who enjoy our whiskey. Jameson is a storytelling brand from a country of storytellers, so Aisling continues to be the perfect partner to bring our philosophy to life, all told, of course, with our collective Irish wit.”


For more information on Jameson, head to jamesonwhiskey.com or follow via social media @jamesonwhiskey.




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