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Keeper’s Heart unveil their first age statement whiskey


Former Master Distiller at Midleton Distillery, Brian Nation is at it again, this time picking up awards as Master Distiller at O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company in  Minneapolis, USA. The new release is their first whiskey to carry an age statement and has already won numerous awards including ‘Best of Class’ at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023. Keeper’s Heart 10-year-old Single Malt Irish whiskey is now on general release with just 1,500 6-bottle cases available worldwide of which 100 cases are available in Ireland. The whiskey has matured for 10 years in Bourbon barrels and then being finished in Malaga wine casks. Bottled at 43% ABV and retailing in Ireland for €100.

Press Release

Keeper’s Heart Irish American Whiskey is thrilled to announce that its 10-year-old Irish Single Malt Whiskey has been awarded the prestigious title of “Best in Class – Irish Whiskey” at the renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the oldest, largest, and most prestigious spirits competition in the world.

Crafted under the expert guidance of legendary Irish distiller Brian Nation, the 10-year-old expression captivated the judges with its unparalleled quality and complex taste profile. Aged to perfection for a decade at Great Northern Distilling, this extraordinary whiskey was meticulously finished in Malaga wine casks, resulting in a unique and exquisite flavor profile that marries notes of stone fruits and marzipan with the traditional malty character.

This impressive victory follows on the heels of Keeper’s Heart Irish + American Whiskey being the most-awarded new whiskey of 2022, further solidifying the brand’s growing reputation for excellence and innovation in the industry.

Brian Nation said about this momentous win,

“It is an immense honor to receive this recognition from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Our team at Keeper’s Heart is dedicated to producing whiskies of the highest caliber, and we are delighted that our 10-year-old expression has resonated so strongly with the esteemed judges.”

In celebration of this accolade, Keeper’s Heart is excited to announce that the 10-year-old Irish Single Malt Whiskey will be made available to consumers in Ireland this October. Whiskey enthusiasts across the country will have the opportunity to savor the exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive flavors of this award-winning spirit. Proudly distributed in Ireland by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

Official Tasting Notes

Cereal biscuity, elements of apricots, honey and almond

Honey sweetness & texture intertwined with notes of fruit, cereal, nuttiness

Malt cereal, background notes of toasted oak


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