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Killowen Distillery launch Barry Group exclusive


Killowen Distillery have announced a single cask release in partnership with Barry Group. A pot still Irish whiskey finished in a Muscatel cask, bottled at 59.3% ABV

Press Release

Killowen Distillery are delighted to announce their Barry Group exclusive, which means that Barantúil will be available in every corner of the Island that boasts a Carry Out store on Thursday 19/10/23.

As such Killowen have worked extremely hard to create a wonderful Single Pot Still Whiskey fitting of this honor. The Single Pot still was originally aged in 2 smaller ex bourbon casks for three years before finishing in a larger fresh luxurious wet Muscatel cask. This is the first time Killowen have used a Muscatel cask for whiskey which works perfectly with the Pot Still distillate.


Killowen Barry Group Exclusive


Official Tasting Notes

A hugely floral arrival along with a generous serving of lemon drizzle cake, to a lesser extent there is a hint of vanilla spice and nutmeg.

Thick and chewy distillate with apricot flesh and orange peel in abundance among hints of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

A buttery end with thick creamy pallet, allowing long lasting flavours of orange & lemon peel, the pot still spice notes of vanilla pod and ginger linger on with the fruitiness.

Killowen Distillery focus more on long slow, handcrafted production methods more than any other distillery. Their unique approach to spirit making allows for long wild open top fermentations, flame-fed distillations and worm-tub condensation all of which where all but extinct in Ireland until re-established by Killowen. The result is a more complex and full bodied spirit that real whiskey enthusiasts love.

The celebration of mashbill culture is something dear to Irish distillation history and in this whiskey the perfect portions of malted barley, unmated barley, oat and wheat are used in harmony while all offering different flavours and textures to the whiskey. Much more of this wonderful information is available inside the packaging to be enjoyed by the whiskey connoisseur.

This bottling is to acknowledge Barry Group founded in 1955 by James A Barry, since then the Barry Group has successfully grown from a local business to a leading wholesale distribution company, with over 250 employees operating from its headquarters in Cork, Ireland.

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