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Killowen Distillery Exclusive Bottling Cask KDC#202 – Peated Tawny Port finish


Killowen Distillery have announced the release of a new mixed mash bill Irish whiskey with a peated Tawny Port finish. Bottled at 56.05%, and retailing for £120 for a 500ml bottling. Limited release of 476 bottles.


Press release

Upon disgorging this cask we discovered its beautiful and rich, red colour and the first emotions where both awe and dred. We believed the cask had over powered our beloved, rare, peated ‘old school mash bill’ whiskey. The last of which to be released from us for some time. Afterwards, upon tasting it, we realised we hit the jackpot. For us it’s the whiskey of they year and for those lucky enough to taste it at Whiskey Live, all held the same view.

This whiskey has all the qualities of an old school Killowen mash bill, as expected from the unique approaches of the distillery: wild fermentations, flame fed stills and extra long distillations in very underfilled, pure copper pot stills. Not to mention the hand mixed mash ton and meticulous cask management. Speaking of casks this is a combination of two smaller ex-bourbons which have spent the last 6 months of their lives in a fresh, rich and wet tawny port hogshead, even after a good water rinse the cask has influenced the colour massively, but no matter how strong the cask, the Killowen DNA always shines through and in this case, creates the perfect balanced flavour of summer fruits, peat smoke and pot still spice.

Release Date: Thursday 29th June 2023 – 4.50pm (GMT)
on www.killowendistillery.com
Price: £120

Official Tasting Notes

Peat (turf) smoke, strawberries & cream, Rhubarb tart all amidst summer floral notes.

Peat smoke explodes amidst a custard & fruit background. A rich maltiness shines through along with masses of pot-still spice, all within a sticky texture.

A long lasting spice lingers towards a very jammy end, there is no chance you are settling for one glass.
Please enjoy your bottles, share them in good company, either in person or in the online community where we have many Killowen friends singing from the same hymn sheet.


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