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Boatyard Distillery, a micro-distillery in County Fermanagh, had its first spirit run for whiskey in November this year. Opened in April 2017, their focus is primarily on white spirits. Owner and CEO, Joe McGirr, returned to Fermanagh to setup Boatyard Distillery after having worked for Glenmorangie Company for 10 years and the London Distillery Company in 2014.

Full phase setup is due to complete in late 2018 early 2019 and will use a Christian Carl engineered still setup. Their double-distilled whiskey output will be limited with just 300 litres of whiskey produced per day on completion of the full setup.

Jim explained,

“Our concept is around big flavour profiles rather than volume. We are aiming for grain forward styles of spirit that lock in flavour rather than strip out. Our process is aimed towards barley selection, fermentation style, reverse osmosis water used all aimed at preserving the inherent style of the barley chosen.”

Irish Whiskey Magazine

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