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Planning permission for a new distillery on a 1.3acre site located in the picturesque town of Lanesborough on the banks of the Shannon, was approved in January
2017. Louth Ree Distillery is the brainchild of Peter Clancy (CEO) along with his brother Michael and sister Sheila who grew up in the town.

The privately funded distillery is expected to create a minimum of 20 jobs within the next 5 years. Detailed design began in September and construction is scheduled to begin in April 2018. The stills have been ordered from Barison (also used in Ballykeefe and Clonakilty Distilleries) who are located in Trento, Italy.

Spirit production is expected to begin in Q1 2019 with a capacity of 60,000 cases per annum and will include white spirits and triple distilled whiskey (including Single Pot Still). A visitor centre is also planned and is expected to attract 25,000 visitors a year by 2022.

When asked what makes Lough Ree Distillery different, CEO Peter Clancy replied: “What sets us apart is that we’re family, we’re local, we’re passionate about what we’re doing and we’ve assembled a very strong and experienced team.”

Irish Whiskey Magazine

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