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Killowen Distiiler release second 10-year-old blend of Bonded Experimental series release on Tuesday 11th February. This is a Txakolina Acacia Cask finished, Small batch (490 bottles), cask strength, non-chill filtered, No colouring, 10-year-old blend with transparency and integrity at its core.

Since the incipient of Killowen Distillery, we have been carefully sourcing whiskeys that are a minimum of ten years old from different distilleries all across Ireland. Throughout this time we also hunted the globe for the finest casks to complement certain flavour notes in the blends. Amongst the vibrant blended whiskey culture in Ireland, the Killowen series stands out with its unique ratio of malts and grain whiskeys, the blend is then finished with a dominant yet balanced cask influence. This allows the consumer to enjoy an educative experience while drinking which is enhanced by extensive production transparency on the bottle labelling.

Killowen hopes to be an exemplar for industry progression, with their integrity bottlings, quality spirit and transparency are at its core. The packaging provides the consumer with all details regarding sourcing, blend ratio and finish. The fact that it is not Killowen distilled spirit but rather, as the names suggest, a blended/ bonded spirit – is clearly set out. By providing the consumer with all the information allowing it allows for a deeper understanding of the flavour breakdown. This whiskey is the second of a set of different whiskeys that will be released over a two year period. The Basque Txakolina Cask was specifically chosen for its smell and freshness, This coupled with virgin Acacia heads creates a unique small-batch spirit with a full-bodied experience as follows:

Producers tasting notes:

NOSE: Intense varietal aromas on the nose, with notes of white fruit, (pear and apple) citrus, (grapefruit) and stone fruit, (peach) with a mild spice towards the end of the arrival.

PALATE: A marriage of apricot, apple and pear flesh from the start with a slight bitter varietal character, creating a fresh mineral balance alongside vanilla wood-spice.

FINISH: A long vanilla wood-spice finish with grapefruit and apple. Returning to stone fruit from the spirit balanced with stone fruit from the wine cask.

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