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Lambay Irish Whiskey present their oldest expression with the Lambay Single Malt Castle Prestige Edition 20 Years Old


Lambay Irish Whiskey are synonymous with Cognac finished Irish whiskeys with their partnership of the prestigious House of Camus producers. This latest release is a limited-edition bottling of 8,000 bottles, triple distilled single malt matured in Bourbon barrels and then finished in Camus Cognac casks exposed to the sea air on Lambay island. Bottled at 43% ABV, non-chill filtered and retailing at a recommended RRP of €560-600. Available now from their online store at shop.lambaywhiskey.com


Press Release


Lambay Irish Whiskey Company is crossing the traditional whiskey divide by collaborating with a local Dublin artist, David Norton for the launch of this new Single Malt 20YO. The challenge was to captivate in his unique way, the essence of Lambay. David, whose passion to unveil the beauty of the natural world has led him to reveal in his work the patterns, shapes, and forms that would ordinarily be hidden from the human eye through the use of macro photography. David took a cross-section of some of the indigenous volcanic Lambay porphyry rock, known in history as the stone of fertility by Byzantine emperors, and unlocked its secret beauty hidden inside. Revealing stunningly colorful visuals with complex crystalline formations, David has captured a slice less than 5mm long to “Unearth” what lies within. Highly exclusive and a world first in terms of viewing this Lambay porphyry rock using macro photography, a new and exciting world of shape, form, and color has been unveiled.

This curated image has been produced to a limit of 10 exclusive and unique prints that will be sold by auction, each signed, certified, and numbered by the artist.


Artist David Norton

Artist David Norton


“Lambay Unearthed has an organic connection to our brand story, as we usually reference our micro-climate on Lambay, our cognac casks, and volcanic spring water in the finish of our whiskey, we never realised how stunning the island would look from within, a fascinating world’s first! ”

commented Senior Brand Manager Sabine Sheehan.

This art collaboration will be used across the brand’s core comms for this new product release both above the line and as a digital-first campaign called Unlocking the Untold.

Always innovating and exploring, Lambay Whiskey, are dedicated to its community and seek to drive loyalty using immersive and intriguing digital storytelling tools that “unlock” only when a qr code is scanned and printed on the label of the new Lambay Whiskey Single Malt 20YO bottle.

This allows Lambay Whiskey collectors the most unprecedented access into the inner workings of the Lambay Whiskey process, the island, and all its colorful history. Those who choose are chosen to taste the secrets of the sea, air, land, and castle and with this online journey, you are awarded a digital key to unlock secret stories never told.


Lambay 20 Year Old Bottle In Plinth and Box

Lambay 20 Year Old Bottle In Plinth and Box


Every aspect of this premium-designed bottle and gift box exudes a quintessential luxury feel of Lambay. From the puffin-inspired crafted side locks to the secret codes within the beautiful packaging were designed and inspired by the actual blueprints of the romantic castle first created by Edwin Lutyens on Lambay. This whiskey allows you to unlock the story of Lambay while unlocking your very own piece of Lambay history.

In honour of this great legacy, Lambay Whiskey is delighted to present Lambay Single Malt Castle Prestige Edition 20 Years Old. Now, you have the opportunity to own a limited edition (only 8,000 bottles) first-release single malt whiskey that is described to be the quintessential expression of the Lambay Whiskey brand.

Managing Director, Jean-David Costerg said:

“With the prestige of five generations of the world’s finest French Cognac blending and maturation expertise, along with the impact of a unique maritime finish on our whiskey, our goal was to truly craft a single malt that has the spirit of Lambay to its core.”


A luxurious triple distilled 20-year-old Lambay Single Malt Irish Whiskey. This superior aged distillate has been delicately sourced from a leading Irish distillery and carefully aged in bourbon barrels for 18 years, before being finished for a further 2 years in Cognac casks that have been exposed to the sea air under the watchful eye of Lambay’s Master Blender, Yonael Bernard.

Bernard says:

“Ensuring each cask receives the maximum benefit of the Island’s unique micro-climate of sea aerosols and pollens. This single malt is uniquely crafted to deliver on balance and aromatic intensity along with a depth of complexity and smooth taste, presenting a truly unique taste journey.”


Official Tasting Notes

Warm vanilla, smooth oak, mature plums, green apples, hints of Iodine, and lingering rancio. Aromatic yet gentle and pleasant, the maritime influence of salt and iodine is present, with rich vanilla, rancio, and a hint of spice and green fruits.

Exotic spices such as Saffron, Ginger, and pepper, with sweet pastry-like notes of almond, honey, and nuts (walnuts). A whiskey that reflects our true maritime influence, iodine, and salt with a smooth and pleasant full mouthfeel. Plum & Apple fruit is well balanced with this cognac-cask finish, lingering spice notes of ginger create a long finish of green fruits and spice.

Explosive long-lasting rancio fruit balanced with salt, pepper, and an elegant smooth lingering long finish. Long-lasting sweetness with a good balance of oak and salt, a lingering mouthfeel yet elegant in the finish with hints of honey and ginger.

Recommended Serve
A whiskey such as this with its full lingering mouthfeel, salinity, and smooth rich fruits, has its own complexity and would not require strong flavours to accompany it. Best enjoyed as a digestif served with lightly whipped Crème Brulé or simply served neat with a drop of water on the side.


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