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Ireland’s Whiskey Guide is a new guide to the whiskey distilleries of Ireland by Kate Amber. This book is a part travel guide, and part historical insight. This comprehensive Travel and Whiskey guide provides lively facts and anecdotes about the history of Irish Whiskey, as well as some quirky facts about the island of Ireland – as seen through the eyes of the author. Through her journey, Kate goes to the local roots of this “whiskey rebirthing” and speaks with many locals that have lived through more difficult times.

All the exciting and comedic details of her journey you can read about later. There are three parts to the book. The history of Irish whiskey while exciting has been somewhat forgotten. due to this, the first part of the book will give brief summaries of Irish whiskeys and their ups and downs“ and why Irish Whiskey is now moving into a glorious rebirthing age – with distilleries springing up all over the island of Ireland.

The second part describes the processes in how whiskey is and more so on how Irish whiskey differs from all the other sorts. Through the second part, the underlying motive of “all good things take time” especially resonating with the survival of the Irish Whiskey trade.

The third part has a travel focus and is for the adventure seeker in us all who have dreamed of visiting the vast green landscapes of Ireland and for those who wish to see these historical places in person. Even if the reader comes from Ireland and just has an interest in their local history, this guide can provide an ‘off the beaten track’ type of guidance. This 168 paperback guide is packed full of all that you need to make your tour of Ireland and the whiskey hotspots easier to organise and enjoy. Initially, the book is published in English but will also be published in German later in the year.

From Barley to Blarney is described as “a whiskey lover’s guide to Ireland”. Created by the team from The Dead Rabbit, this 272-page hardback book begins with a brief look at the history, the different styles, and production process of Irish whiskey. The book is then organised by different regions of Ireland where each region has chapters on their distilleries and pubs. The book is wonderfully laid out and contains beautiful original photography which was captured by Elaine Hill on the team’s whirlwind tour of Ireland. This is more than just a travel guide; it is an immersive and tactile read with great information which is nicely and clearly presented.

The owners of the ‘World’s Best Bar’, The Dead Rabbit in New York returned home in May to launch their book and to make a significant charitable donation that will make a difference to the lives of people living with depression in Northern Ireland. The official launch of the book took place at a special event at The Dublin Liberties Distillery on Wednesday 8th May, drawing guests from the four corners of Ireland. For North Belfast born and bred Muldoon and McGarry, the launch provided an opportunity to raise awareness for a cause close to their hearts. At the event, the pair presented a cheque for $10,000 to Northern Ireland depression charity, AWARE.

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