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Irish Distillers unveil Method and Madness Garryana Oak, the first Irish whiskey finished in Garryana oak casks


New release and world’s first as Irish Distillers unveil the Method and Madness Garyanna Oak from the experimental Microdistillery in Midleton.


Method and Madness Garryana Oak

Method and Madness Garryana Oak

Press release

Irish Distillers launch Method and Madness Garryana Oak Edition from its experimental Micro Distillery in Midleton, Co. Cork Ireland. A world first in Irish whiskey, this new release is a traditional single pot still whiskey finished in Garryana Oak casks that pushes the boundaries of Irish whiskey.

Created in 2017, the Method and Madness brand is dedicated to exploring new mash bills, distillation techniques, and wood finishes in the world of Irish whiskey. The Micro Distillery serves as a blank copper canvas of innovation and experimentation at Midleton where whiskey masters and apprentices come together to develop curious and intriguing liquids to showcase to the world.

Method and Madness Garryana Oak is exceptional in its use of Oregon white oak, which is rare and distinctive for its tough and dense wood properties. Masterfully created by the talented Micro Distillery team and Wood Innovation specialists at Midleton Distillery, the whiskey was triple distilled at the Micro Distillery from a mashbill of malted and unmalted barley, and matured in ex-Bourbon American oak casks, before being finished in casks made from virgin Garryana oak from the rainy Pacific Northwest for between four and 12 months.

The Garryana oak brings a unique richness, complexity, and spiciness to the whiskey and is considered to have an elevated phenolic aroma profile and higher tannins, which contribute to a distinctive array of flavours. This exquisite expression offers aromas of smoked applewood, treacle, and golden raisins, with notes of black pepper, coffee cake, clove spice and malted barley.

Crafted using Quercus Garryana, a species of white oak native to the Pacific Northwest, this limited-edition embodies the distinct character of the region’s environment. Garryana Oak is the only native oak in Washington and British Columbia, and the principal native oak of Oregon. This particular species of white oak is known for its tough, durable wood, and its use in barrel-making is a relatively new development.

Celebrating the launch of Method and Madness Garryana Oak, Finbarr Curran, Maturation Lead at Midleton Distillery, said,

“Method and Madness Garryana Oak is an expression aligned with the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of Irish whiskey. The Micro Distillery has always been about experimentation and the use of Garryana oak is just the latest example of our innovative spirit and dedication to producing unique and exceptional whiskeys.”

Mairead Callanan, Wood Maturation Technologist, adds:

“The Garryana oak barrels have added a unique dimension to the traditional single pot still whiskey, offering a distinct flavour profile and a taste of the Pacific Northwest’s terroir.”

Method and Madness Garryana Oak will be available for purchase from May 19th, 2023, in Ireland, UK, Global Travel Retail, and online at the RRP of €95. Its US debut can be expected in late 2023.

Official tasting notes

Smoked applewood, treacle, golden raisins

Crushed black pepper, coffee cake, toasted wood

Clove spice, malted barley, coffee grounds


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