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Scair Uisce set to unveil cask share platform at Poitín Now event on November 18th, 2023


Scair Uisce, Ireland’s innovative cask share community, proudly announces the official launch of its platform, coinciding with the unveiling of its much-anticipated website. The inaugural celebration is slated to take place at the prestigious Bar 1661 during the Poitín Now event on November 18th, 2023.

*Empowering Cask Ownership for All*

Scair Uisce enters the market with a mission to make cask ownership accessible and affordable. Mark Nathan, Founder at Scair Uisce, expressed,

“We identified a void in the market. Irish whiskey, being in its infancy, holds immense growth potential. Our goal is to bring consumers closer to the heart of every business. As the casks mature, so will the relationship between distillery and consumer.”

The company envisions creating a vibrant community that welcomes both whiskey and non-whiskey drinkers, eliminating complexities that can serve as barriers to entry.

Galyna Voloshyna, Co-Founder at Scair Uisce, emphasized,

“We want to dispel formalities and make whiskey enjoyable and approachable, irrespective of age or gender. A new generation of drinkers stands to benefit from growing alongside these emerging Irish brands. We’re thrilled to facilitate this experience.”

*About Scair Uisce*

Scair Uisce is Ireland’s first independent cask share community, dedicated to making the world of whiskey inclusive and enjoyable. By connecting consumers with the heart of distilleries, Scair Uisce aims to redefine the whiskey experience by allowing consumers to purchase unique casks as they mature, as well as owning a unique asset. We pride ourselves in bringing small batch, single cask whiskey to the market.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Shauna Anushya
Email: admin@scair-uisce.com

Learn more about Scair Uisce at www.scair-uisce.com

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