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New peated releases from Waterford Distillery


Waterford Distillery has announced the release of the most heavily-peated Irish whiskeys ever.


Press Release


Waterford Distillery, producer of naturally flavoursome single malts, has today announced the launch of Peated: Lacken and Peated: Woodbrook, the most heavily-peated Irish whiskies of all time.

Made from barley grown on two distinct Single Farm Origins, Lacken in Co. Wexford and Woodbrook in Co. Dublin, the new single malt whiskies use the old ways of whisky production of Irish peat to impart more unique flavours, at a phenol parts per million (PPM) rate of 57ppm and 74ppm respectively. This makes them the most heavily-peated Irish whiskies ever produced.

The two new bottlings are the latest additions to Waterford Distillery’s Arcadian Farm Origins series, joining Peated: Fenniscourt and Peated: Ballybannon, which were released in August last year, and were the first in generations to use real Irish peat in whisky production. The series also includes the world’s first Biodynamic whisky, and Ireland’s only Organic whisky.

By harvesting barley from Lacken and Woodbrook farms, and combining it with Irish peat from the ultra-deep inland of Ballyteige Co. in Kildare, Waterford Distillery has produced whiskies with rich, distinct, and complex flavours, each displaying the nuances of their respective terroir-derived flavours.

As with other Waterford Distillery releases, a unique TÉIREOIR CODE on each bottle provides unprecedented validation and verification of its individual journey from barley to bottle – harvested, stored, malted, distilled and matured. Every meaningful detail of the whisky is offered openly.

Mark Reynier, Waterford Distillery Founder and CEO, says:

“Our ongoing exploration into the old ways of whisky-making have taken us, once again, to forgotten flavours: Irish peat, the original taste of Irish whisky. Having demonstrated the unique flavours from our first peated Single Farm Origins, and that terroir trumps peat,wedecided to dial up the smoke.

“This new brace of Single Farm Origins – using Irish peat and Irish barley – have been peated to levels higher than most of the famous Islay whiskies, and certainly the most for an Irish whisky. And guess what? Those terroir flavours are still distinct and still apparent.”


Tasting Notes by Ned Gahan, Head Distiller at Waterford Distillery


Waterford Peated Lacken

Peated: Lacken

Virgin olive oil with tears to match.

High-toned, vibrant, fresh smoke-on-the-breeze-on-a-spring-morning style of peat.
A coastal walk; brine, oyster shells, barley sugar and orchard fruits: soft apples and pear skins. A little warm hay too as it opens in the glass.

Full-bodied, oily, unctuous. Grist, driftwood, campfire and creosote. Sheepswool and Lapsang Souchong tea. Juiciness comes in the form of white peach and apple sauce.

Complex cigar tobaccos, green tea and tar.



Waterford Peated Woodbrook

Peated: Woodbrook

Pale straw with oils that are in no hurry.

Lemon skins, beeswax and recently-extinguished candles. Freshly-torched crème brûlée. Very fresh, with meadow flowers and hemp alongside a light, complex touch of medicine cupboard.

Dry spices, dry rub and shortbread biscuit. The ashes of a beach campfire. Preserved lemons and Lapsang Souchong tea. Very citrusy – lemon oils and thick-cut lime marmalade.

Long with more of the spices and comforting bonfire tones emerging.


The new Peated: Lacken and Peated: Woodbrook will be available to purchase at waterfordwhisky.com, with a RSP of approximately €95/£90 (varying by location).

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