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Irish Whiskey – What makes it unique?

The first in the exciting new #DiscoverIrishWhiskey podcast series will see some of Irish whiskey’s most acclaimed blenders debating what it is that makes Irish whiskey unique. They’ll share their experience and opinions as well as answer questions from the audience.

Panelists include:

Sarah Dowling, Blender and Distiller with Cooley Distillery
Billy Leighton, Chief Blender with Irish Distillers
Noel Sweeney, Master Distiller and Blender with Powerscourt Distillery

Irish Whiskey Magazine - Sarah Dowling - Irish Whiskey Magazine - #DiscoverIrishWhiskey podcast series   Irish Whiskey Magazine - Billy Leighton - Irish Whiskey Magazine - #DiscoverIrishWhiskey podcast series   Irish Whiskey Magazine - Noel Sweeney - Irish Whiskey Magazine - #DiscoverIrishWhiskey podcast series

Other planned events taking place as part of the series include:

  • Irish whiskey: How new distilleries are shaking things up 
  • Irish whiskey: mixing it up – focusing on Irish whiskey cocktail and mixed drinks recipes

The #DiscoverIrishWhiskey podcast series is hosted by Irish Whiskey Magazine in association with Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey, the representative body for the Irish whiskey industry. The #DiscoverIrishWhiskey series will run each Wednesday at 7.30pm, starting on the 28th of April. Each episode will feature a panel of guests from across the industry to explore Irish whiskey in both an edgy and fun setting. The events will be hosted and presented by Serghios Florides, Editor of the Irish Whiskey Magazine and John Cashman, a leading Irish whiskey expert.

The #DiscoverIrishWhiskey podcast series is being run as part of Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey’s ‘Depth and Diversity’ campaign, which is celebrating the craft and character of Irish whiskey. 

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