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In a first for Ireland, W.D. O’Connell launch cask share program


For those interested in acquiring something bespoke without having to purchase a full cask this may be a great solution from O’Connell Whiskey.

Here is the press release issued today:


W.D. O’CONNELL WHISKEY MERCHANTS have expanded into the Cask Share world. The new concept, which is the first of its kind in Ireland, allows you to purchase a cask share today and leave the cask to continue to mature under our care. When the maturation is complete, your share will convert to a bottle.

This new program will make whiskey more accessible, allowing whiskey lovers the opportunity to choose their whiskey based on different tastes, maturation dates and distilleries. We offer something unique and personal to appreciate in the years to come.

The program launched with four exciting casks sourced from Scotland and Ireland, all unique in their finishes, bottling dates and location. Founder, Daithí O’Connell is striving to bring more variety to the Irish whiskey market by acquiring a diverse collection of spirit and cask combinations. He admits that the Cask share program is mutually beneficial to both company and customer saying “ The program allows us to fund and acquire more inventory and expand the portfolio”. It means that in a few years time W.D. O’Connell whiskey merchants will have a library of casks for its consumers to choose from.

How does it work?

Cask share allows you to purchase your share today and let it continue to mature under our watch. When the maturation is complete, your share will be converted into a bottle and shipped to your location.

The online platform is easy to use and once you have decided on your whiskey and reserved your share, we will issue you with a share certificate and keep you updated on your purchase.


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