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The Liberator Storehouse Special has been released by Wayward Irish Spirits, a Cask Strength version of their popular blended Whiskey, The Liberator Small Batch – Double Port

Wayward Irish Spirits Founder, Maurice O’Connell explains:

“Our Storehouse Specials are small scale releases of interesting Whiskeys from our Bonded Storehouse (called ‘The House of Contentment’) or test releases of potential new products. We have seen the very strong demand for Cask Strength Whiskeys and in response are releasing Batch 3 which consists of 250 numbered half bottles (350ml) bottled at 62.1%. (Batch 1 sold out quickly in October and Batch 2 was an exclusive for our German Distributor).


Maurice O’Connell continues:

The Liberator Small Batch is our premium blend with a high (42%) Malt content; The components are 2006 Malt and 2010 Grain from Cooley and 2015 Malt and Grain from Great Northern. The older Whiskeys were in ex bourbon casks throughout, the younger ones started in bourbon and were then finished in really fresh Tawny and Ruby Port casks for between 9 and 12 months”.

The Liberator Storehouse Special will be available from 15th May from leading specialist Whiskey retailers including The Celtic Whiskey Shop and James Fox in Dublin, Irish Malts and Carryout in Killarney. The suggested retail price is €60.


Tasting Notes for the Small Batch Double Port Cask Strength:

Rich dried fruits on the nose. Blackcurrant, cloves, orange zest and pear drop and a creamy mouthfeel on the palate. A medium length finish with vanilla, almonds and some spice.


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