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Roe & Co’s first permanent single grain release


Today, Roe & Co, proudly unveils its latest innovation – Roe & Co Flor Single Grain Irish Whiskey. This exceptional 14-year-old Single Grain expression is inspired by the age-old biological maturation of fortified wines from the Jerez region. Roe & Co Flor marks the brand’s first permanent single grain release.

Taking inspiration from Bodegas in the Jerez region Roe & Co have produced a whiskey that reimagines the possibilities of Irish Whiskey to marry our crafted 14-year-old Single Grain whiskey with the influence of select sherry casks that used a biological maturation process. Roe & Co Flor is meticulously finished in Fino and Amontillado Sherry casks which used a biological aging process. Amontillado casks followed a dual aging process, biologically and oxidatively; while the Fino casks solely followed a biological aging process. The casks have been hand-selected to create a crafted whiskey with a light flavour profile and notes of nuts, citrus and orchard fruits.

In the biological aging process of these wines, the Veil de Flor, or the Flor, is a thin layer of naturally occurring yeast that forms on top of the wines while they are resting in the cask. The Flor (meaning Flower in Spanish), not only acts as a protective barrier, preventing oxidisation of the wine, but also creates a more dynamic natural aging process to produce lighter, sweeter flavour wines, creating the perfect partner casks to finish our Roe & Co 14-year-old Single Grain Irish Whiskey.

Commenting on the launch, Roe & Co representative, Lora Hemy, states ‘

Roe & Co is excited to release the first Single Grain expression, Roe & Co Flor Irish Whiskey, the latest innovation that will be a permanent addition to the Roe & Co family. This expression allowed us to experiment with an innovative process that was extremely rewarding. By taking a different approach and gathering inspiration from the Jerez region, we’ve crafted a vibrantly bold whiskey infused with character. The Veil de Flor’s protective qualities and natural aging process underlie this exceptional whiskey, providing a unique flavour profile that is both delicate and profound.’


Roe & Co Flor is poised to captivate consumers with its innovative approach by offering a distinctive flavour profile that makes it equally delightful in your desired serve format whether sipped, shaken, stirred, or smashed. Enjoy this Single Grain Whiskey in your favourite glass and appreciate it as desired, be it neat, on the rocks, with a dash of water, or a delicious ingredient in your favourite whiskey cocktail. Roe & Co Flor Single Grain Irish Whiskey has been developed to offer people a balanced, deliciously bold and vibrant whiskey that is also a great contribution to a cocktail serve.

The release of Roe & Co Flor comes at a time when the demand for Super Premium and Ultra Premium Irish Whiskey expressions is surging and we’re seeing lots of growth across key markets.

The non-chill filtered Roe & Co Flor 14 YO Single Grain Irish Whiskey is a vibrantly bold Irish Whiskey and is bottled at 46% ABV. It will be available via Roe & Co Distillery and key outlets in Ireland, Northern Europe, and Global Travel markets late May/ early June 2024, with a RRP of €95.


Official tasting notes


Lemon and Orange zest, Marzipan, dried apricot, sliced green apple, coconut, charred oak.

Apricot jam, more lemon and orange zest, almonds and fresh cream.

Warm and long, with notes of toffee and a touch of ground ginger.


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