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Sláinte Irish Whiskey have released their first two new whiskeys, a blended Irish whiskey aged in Bourbon and Sherry Casks and a limited edition 18 year old Single Malt aged in Bourbon casks and finished in Muscat Hogsheads.

The Single Malt release is a collaboration between Sláinte Irish Whiskey and BlueCheck Ukraine, which identifies, vets and fast-tracks urgent financial support to Ukrainian NGOs and aid projects providing life-saving and critical humanitarian work amidst Russia’s war on Ukraine. All proceeds of this partnership go to BlueCheck, ensuring that Ukrainian non-governmental organizations, institutions and humanitarian initiatives have maximum impact in the hardest-hit regions of the country.

At 56.7% ABV, this extremely rare single malt Irish whiskey was distilled at the Cooley distillery and placed in bond on the 21st June 2004. The single cask bourbon oak aged whiskey was transferred into a muscat hogshead in 2015 until it was hand bottled at cask strength on 22nd June 2022.


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Liev Schreiber, Slainte Co-Founder had this to say about the collaboration:

“As the news cycle continues to swirl lets bear in mind those that need us most and the organizations on the ground who are caring for them. I was so impressed by the resilience and courage of the people I met in Ukraine who were giving themselves completely to care for others.
The challenge for me is sustainability: keeping everyone interested, keeping this in the headlines, and keeping people aware of what’s going on. Because I do believe they’re going to win, but they need support, they need our help.”

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Read more about the great work been done by Bluecheck Ukraine

To buy a bottle please visit https://slaintewhiskey.com/buy/ and sign up to find out when and where it will be available to buy.



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