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Thomond Gate Whiskey have announced the release of two new limited-edition whiskeys that we are sure will delight your senses. Their Ruby Port Cask Finish Single Malt, available exclusively through Folsom Wine Spirits in California, and their new Château Kirwan Cask Finish, a single pot still whiskey that pays tribute to the heroic Patrick Sarsfield, are available for sale at Fine Wines Roches street and Irish Malts.


Their Ruby Port Cask Finish Single Malt has been carefully crafted to deliver a unique taste experience, with a rich and fruity flavor profile imparted by its finishing in ruby port wine casks from Portugal. Their new Château Kirwan Cask Finish is a tribute to Patrick Sarsfield, offering a rich and complex flavor profile that will delight your senses.

They  are excited to offer two casks of the Château Kirwan Cask Finish for sale. Cask PS-001 will be available exclusively through Irish Malts, while Cask PS-002 will be available through Fine Wines Roches street. These casks are a testament to the artistry and care that went into creating this exceptional whiskey, and we hope you will appreciate every sip.

You can find more info: https://thomondgatewhiskey.com/


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