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Two New 20 year old Single Malt releases from Ahascragh Distillers


  • Clan Colla Single Malt Irish Whiskey 20 Year Old Amarone Finish
  • Clan Colla Single Malt Irish Whiskey 20 Year Old Pedro Ximénez Finish
  • In 12 months, Ahascragh Distillery has launched 6 whiskeys and an award-winning gin

Ahascragh Distillery expand their Family Bond series with two unique 20 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskeys. These exceptional whiskeys have been finished in Italian Amarone Red Wine casks and Spanish Pedro Ximénez White Wine casks.

Last year, Ahascragh Distillery launched 5 products in the Family Bond Series including three Clan Colla Irish whiskeys, UAIS Irish Whiskey and Xin Gin. The introduction of these new Single Malt releases ensures that there is something for everyone. The collection now ranges from super premium Irish whiskeys with unique flavours and depth to more accessible spirits for casual whiskey drinkers.

Gareth McAllister, Ahascragh Distillery’s Founder said:

“We are kick-starting our St Patrick’s Day celebrations with two new and exciting Irish whiskey releases. I am delighted to see the Clan Colla collection continue to expand. We have hand-selected some of the highest quality aged malt available, finished it in exceptional casks that elevate the flavour and texture and bottled it in our home in the West of Ireland. These premium releases are designed to seal family bonds and celebrate unforgettable moments and occasions.” 



This exceptional Single Malt in our Family Bond Series was distilled in 2001 and spent 19 years in first fill American White Oak Bourbon Casks, before being finished in Pedro Ximénez Sweet White Wine Casks from the sherry region of Jerez in Spain.

A perfect harmony of honeycomb, vanilla and caramel. The Pedro Ximénez cask finish brings a new level of depth and complexity to this remarkable liquid. Toasted nuts, figs, raisins and dark chocolate enhance the palette and build to a rich, long finish.

Official Tasting Notes

Vanilla honey with toasted maltiness

Smooth and complex, creamy with notes of nuts, figs, raisins, dark chocolate and caramel

A long lingering finale

Alcohol content: 46%



This fine 20 Year Old Malt was double distilled in 2001, carefully matured for 19 long years in American Bourbon Barrels and finished for one more year in Italian Amarone casks.

Time spent in the Bourbon Barrels lays down flavours that have become the signatures of Irish Whiskey. A perfect harmony of honeycomb, vanilla and caramel. Finishing in the Amarone cask elevates this remarkable whiskey to new heights of texture and flavour. Red fruits, milk chocolate and nutmeg explode on the palate and lead to a lasting, velvet finish.

Clan Colla Amarone is also available as a single cask release of just 300 bottles at cask strength. An expression of single cask flavour and hidden depths that can be enjoyed at your preferred strength.

Official Tasting Notes

Toasted maltiness with fruity undertones

Deep red fruits and nutmeg, milk chocolate & caramel

A long lasting velvet finish

Alcohol content: 46%

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, these Clan Colla Limited Edition 20 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskeys will be available at clancollawhiskey.com from Tuesday 15 March.


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