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Two Stacks Irish Whiskey release Smoke & Mirrors


Independent bottlers Two Stacks Irish Whiskey release build on last years releases, Blenders Cut and First Cut, with their modern take on independent bottling to bring an unusual peated single malt Irish whiskey. This is bottled at 48% ABV and retailing at €50.


They have issued the following press release.


Two Stacks continues modern take on Irish Whiskey heritage with their 1st Peated Single Malt

  • Two Stacks Whiskey Smoke & Mirrors draws on traditional secrets and innovation for their 1st Single Malt
  • Individually bottled and bonded out of Killowen Distillery, Co. Down it combines the best in Irish brewing & distilling
  • Contemporary and classic – modern malted peat combinations echo traditions dating back 200 years


The Two Stacks story continues with the release of a unique whiskey rich in peated malt. Smoke & Mirrors is the result of a multi-year collaboration with artisan Irish producers – bringing together the experience and expertise of Ireland’s top brewers & distillers into one high-end premium product.

Drawing on an Irish whiskey heritage dating back to the 1800s, Smoke & Mirrors is 30% peated malt – peating being the focal point of a whiskey brimming with flavour yet soft and joyful on the palate. To achieve this, Smoke & Mirrors derives its silky texture from 10% double malt, 30% peated malt and 60% of what we like to refer to as ‘’stout’’ malt. The liquid was distilled and aged at Great Northern Distillery before being hand bottled at Killowen Distillery county down.

The release of Smoke & Mirrors follows on from the July 2020 release of Two Stacks’ Blenders Cut and First Cut, both of which revived a tradition of independent bonding, blending and bottling once commonplace across Ireland. Both sold out within days.

What exactly is stout malt?

What we refer to as stout malt is malt whiskey (double or triple distilled) that has been finished in ex Imperial beer stout casks from some of Irelands leading craft breweries. Making up the largest portion of the Smoke & Mirrors – Single Malt. We fell in love with the idea of combining both creative worlds. Its influence, immediate on the palate. Providing a silkiness to the malt before leaving a coco nib dryness in the finish.

Peat Is Back – Donal McLynn

‘’Smoke & Mirrors is both innovative in its crafting and age-old in its ingredients, providing a unique back-to-the-future premium spirt for discerning Irish whiskey lovers. The history in the use of peat in Ireland for malting purposes is foggy and can lead to inaccuracies. There is certainly strong evidence to support the claim that peat was used in the malting of barley in Ireland in the early 1800’s, particularly in the north of the country where the love of Single Malt was strongest. The south too enjoyed the benefits of peat but things become even more foggy once mix mash bills are mentioned. Whatever the case, its popularity began to wane. The expansion of transport networks and importation of cheap coal brought about the decline in the use of peat before it all but vanished in the distilling industry. Now, we are seeing a mini revival with a number of independent brands recently releasing peated expressions and for good reason: its complex sweet undertones have an ability to bind flavours together harmoniously breathing life into your glass.”

Finding inspiration from what can be achieved using peated malt, Two Stacks has created something to entice the whiskey lovers to a new world of flavour. Striking the perfect balance between the sweet peated notes and dry chocolate flavours, its rounded off with those distinct vanilla notes and heavier oils from ex bourbon double distilled malt.


Smoke & Mirrors Irish whiskey release is on February 26nd to coincide with Irish Whiskeys DE event.

Two Stacks – Smoke & Mirrors – We continue with our eye-catching water colour design, providing full transparency on the back label. The name ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ takes its inspiration from the reflective Smokey stout flavour that flows throughout the liquid and reflecting a label that continues to set a standard for transparency to the consumer.

Prices at €50.00/£45.95 respectively. Smoke & Mirrors will be available on Irish Whiskies DE, Germany, Ireland at The Celtic Whiskey Shop, Irishmalts and premium independent Irish off licences through Anzac Wine & Spirits.


Official Tasting Notes

Nose: an engaging nose, a fresh summers day of honeydew, sweet barely, rhubarb, peach skin all layered in sticky toffee, encased in subtle peat notes

Palate: a soft yet intense mouthfeel, an almost honey like sweetness from the peat but not overpowering, white fruit richness lunging from the depths.

Finish: a medium finish of white chocolate, peppered clove, almond with a lingering touch of spice

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