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Always highly anticipated the Irishman has garnered a strong following. This the 15th release is a rare, prestige cask strength (55.3% ABV) Irish whiskey limited to 8,400 bottles worldwide.

The 2023 vintage of The Irishman Vintage Cask, a rare cask strength Irish whiskey expression, from Walsh Whiskey, has been released. This year’s vintage is limited to 8,400 bottles worldwide, with 1,200 bottles assigned to the United States, and 7,200 bottles for the Rest of the World including: Canada, Ireland, France, the UK, South Africa and Asia.

The 2023 vintage is the 15th annual release since 2008, when it became the first triple-distilled Cask Strength Irish whiskey released in over half a century. The Irishman 2023 Vintage Cask is a renowned marriage of triple distilled aged Single Malt and aged Single Pot Still whiskey. The exceptional casks used for this annual vintage are hand-selected by The Irishman’s founder, Bernard Walsh.

Each year offers a completely new distillation and vintage to explore. The 2023 vintage is non-chill-filtered and bottled at 55.3% ABV. The recommended retail price is €145/US$155.


Describing the 15th edition of The Irishman Vintage Cask, Bernard Walsh said:

“The Irishman Cask Strength is a labour of love. This blend of purely premium, aged Single Malt and Single Pot Still, recreates one of Irish Whiskey’s greatest 19th century traditions, which The Irishman first brought back in 2008. This year’s proud offering is bottled at 55.3% ABV. The 2023 edition of The Irishman Vintage Cask is a strong, complex and inviting exploration.”


Official Tasting notes

Orchard fruits, vanilla and nuttiness.

Peach, apple blossom, fig and honey.

Oak spices and toasted almonds.

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